Disk Golf Course

Disc Golf Course at Frank Liske Park

The Grand Opening of the Rotary Club of Cabarrus County's Disc Golf Course at Frank Liske Park was held on May 31, 2014! The course is standard tournament size, 18 hole course.

Have you ever played Golf?  I mean, DISC GOLF? It offers great fun for everyone.

For any of you that may not be familiar with Disc Golf, it is played much on the same principal as regular golf, only players throw a DISC (much like a Frisbee). They stand on the TEE PAD and throw the disc in the direction of the TARGET (at least, they hope it goes in that direction) There is a CHAIN LINK BASKET at the end of the hole into which they are trying to ‘sink’ the disc.  As with regular golf, it often takes many throws to reach the target, and the landscape of trees and bushes and other hazards play a part in the success of how many ‘STROKES’ they take on each hole. The length and difficulty of each hole is significant to the challenge and popularity of every course. 

The Rotary Club of Cabarrus County’s course is going to be a welcome addition to Frank Liske Park, and The Active Living & Parks Department has been instrumental in helping with the development of the course and will provide the maintenance on this project. INNOVA, a top ranking disc course provider has designed the course to be the best in the area.

Not only will our community be able to take part in this increasingly popular sport but the “Tournament Quality” course will be able to host Tournaments and Leagues from all over the country. The Tournament quality of this course gives the advantage of bringing visitors and revenue to our local economy.

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